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Architecture Student Association (IMA)

IMA is the executive student organization of the Architecture Department in UI. In 2011, the management of IMA is chaired by Nicky Putra, bringing the vision of "The Realization of the Helpful IMA Totality." The management of the IMA consist of several areas: Kestari, Treasury, Research, Education, Community Social Affairs, Public Relations and Creative Interests.

Each year, IMA held events and activities both internal within the department and external outside of the department. Internal events held such as Jumsen (Friday Art), SA (Sunday Ars), PSB (New Graduate Farewell). Meanwhile, external events held such as excursions and Arch UI FAIR. Excursion is an activity in which students go to an area to explore the architecture and culture in the area and it is regularly carried out each year. While the UI Arch Fair is an activity that is intended to introduce the UI architecture department itself to the outside community, where students' studio works were exhibited to the public. There was also Archicare, this event is a social activity, where students go home orphanages to share with with orphaned children.

Electrical Engineering Student Association (IME)

IME is student organization in the Department of Electrical Engineering with a Vision and Mission as follow:


To make IME FTUI as a beneficial student's means based on scholarly and kinship toward a synergy and performative DTE FTUI


  • To conditioned a student affairs climate which is filled with scholarly values.
  • To build professional, aspirational and effective management.
  • To embrace the entire components of DTE FTUI to build a  strong base of student affairs
  • To optimize the service function of the institution in the development of students' potential.

Mechanical Engineering Student Association (IMM)

IMM is an executive agency which facilitates, serve and develop activities for students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia who came from two study programs namely Mechanical Engineering and Maritime Engineering.

The activities in question are in the fields of education, social, student creations, and especially science and technology.

IMM flagship work programs include:

  • Mechanical Fair
  • Biomedical Engineering Day
  • Competition for Engineering Students (LKMM)
  • Emmision Vehicle Test
  • Naval Day

In addition IMM also embodies several student clubs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, such as:

  • Hydromodelling Clubs & Workshop
  • Karting Club
  • Aeromodeling Club
  • Robotic Cub
  • Water Rocket Club

Metallurgy & Material Engineering Student Association (IMMT)

IMMT is a student organization within the Department of Metallury & Material Engineering, where IMMT has a vision and mission, as follow:


As a center for education and research in the field of metallurgy and materials engineering


Produce high-quality graduates with a strong academic foundation, a comprehensive capability in material engineering and process technology and are able to play an active and dynamic role in the  national, regional, and international levels of the community.


International Program Student Association (IMPI)

International Program at the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia was first held in 1999. It is not until 2003, that the students of FTUI International Programs felt like creating a student body that is able to convey the aspirations of students of International Programs and develop an overall relationship with the Faculty of Engineering itself. The desire was manifested in the IMPI. Until now, IMPI is an active student organizations that exist in the FTUI. Although quite young and new, IMPI has contribute fully in running existing activities. In 2011, IMPI was chaired by Laksamana Gusti Handoko. With management held entirely by new students formed from a six different study programs within the International Program FTUI, IMPI is now considered an active student body and contribute in life at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia.


Civil Engineering Student Association (IMS)

Civil Engineering Student Association (IMS) is an organization that houses students from the Department of Civil Engineering. IMS institute acts as a facilitator of student needs in the areas of student academic, student welfare, scholarship, as well as arts and sport. IMS institution has the objective students realize the goals of Civil Engineering Department students to be those who excel in academic and non-academic fields and prepared for life after college. Some of IMS programs are: National Seminar, Civil Night, Independent Scholarship and Civil League.


Industrial Engineering Student Association (IMTI)

IMTI is a student organization for Industrial Engineering students and is a close, solid, and contributive student organization that is based on professionalism and kinship.

IMTI mission is as follow:

  1. To provide the space, accommodate, filter, and channel aspirations dynamically to strengthen the relationships between IMTI and members of the Industrial Engineering UI.
  2. To improve work professionalism and synergy between fields to optimize the performance of IMTI.
  3. To increase the IMTI's sensitivity to environmental conditions surrounding IMTI, both internally, engineering wise, and externally.
  4. To improve service functions and improve academic and non-academic coaching to residents as a whole, consistent, and sustainable.
  5. To contribute positively to the development of science in Industrial Engineering



Chemical Engineering Student Associatioin (IMTK)


IMTK is an organization that houses students from the Bachelor Program of Chemical Engineering Department. IMTK has played a role as a party to facilitate student needs in the areas of student academic, student welfare, scholarship, and also in the field of sport and art. IMTK have a dream in shaping students who are members of IMTK to who have the edge in the field of academic and non-academic and prepared for life after college.




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