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Supporting education and research laboratories that exist in all of the Department in the FTUI areas are as follows:

Civil Engineering

  1. Structures and Materials Laboratory
  2. Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  3. Hydraulics, Hydrology and River Laboratory
  4. Transportation Laboratory
  5. Mapping and Surveying Laboratory
  6. Sanitary and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Manufacturing and Automation Technology Laboratory
  2. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  3. Mechanical Design and Biomechanics Laboratory
  4. Production Process Laboratory
  5. Heat Transfer Laboratory
  6. Techniques and Procedures for Air Cooling Laboratory
  7. Thermodynamics Laboratory 
  8. Partners Laboratory 

Electrical Engineering

  1. Electrical and Electronic Measurement Laboratory
  2. Energy Conversion Laboratory
  3. Electrical Power System Laboratory
  4. Electronic Laboratory
  5. Control Laboratory
  6. Digital Laboratory
  7. Telecommunication Laboratory
  8. Networking Laboratory
  9. Optoelectronics Laboratory
  10. Multimedia Laboratory

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

  1. Chemical Metallurgy Laboratory 
  2. Physical Metallurgy Laboratory
  3. Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory 
  4. Processing Metallurgy Laboratory 
  5. Corrosion and Metal Protection Laboratory
  6. Metallography and HST Laboratory 
  7. Non Destructive Test Laboratory 
  8. Advanced Materials Laboratory 


  1. Building Physics Laboratory 
  2. Bi-Matra and Computers Laboratory 
  3. Tri-Matra Laboratory 
  4. Photography Laboratory 

Chemical Engineering

  1. Basic Chemical Process Laboratory
  2. Basic Processes and Operations Laboratory
  3. Chemical and Natural Product Engineering Laboratory
  4. Chemical Process Systems Laboratory
  5. Intensification Processes Laboratory
  6. Sustainable Energy Technology Laboratory
  7. Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory

Industrial Engineering

  1. Systems Engineering Modelling and Simulation Laboratory
  2. Information Systems and Decision Support Laboratory
  3. Human Factors Laboratory (Ergonomic Center)
  4. Manufacture System & Product Design Laboratory
  5. Quality and Reliable Engineering Laboratory



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