Digital Campus Service

Diunggah oleh Humas FTUI/tk (2013-06-04)

Universitas Indonesia has been moving towards realizing a digital campus in which all educational administration is managed through SIAK-NG (Academic Information System-Next Generation). In addition, all students, faculty members and UI employees are registered in the system and have an email account For that, the Universitas Indonesia provides digital campus services such as:

  1. Student Internet Corner in the faculty lecture building and the Graduate Building 2nd Floor.
  2. Support for teaching and research faculty
  3. Educational administration activities, students and personnel.

Digital Campus Services which FTUI provided includes internet access and local networks in the faculty and the university areas. Within the FTUI itself, the computer network has been connected to the entire existing building to allow internet access (http, ftp, ntp, email) of any laboratory in the Department, as well as other rooms. This facility can be used by all UI academic community for the benefit of education, research and community service. The entire existing computer networks connected by fiber optic cable to copper cable between the building and to the building with a capacity of 100 Mbps network. In addition to providing local network, PUSKOM currently have 7 pieces manage servers with system redundancy. With this system is expected to interfere with the educational and research services can be minimized. Network to the servers located on the outside of the network in UI (DMZ) network with a capacity of 1 Gbps (Giga bits per second).

Computers are available to students in several locations in the FTUI areas, among others, in the computer lab in GK Building 2nd floor, in a computer lab FT Graduate Library Building 2nd floor, and in the computer lab FTUI Salemba Graduate Building. Digital Campus FTUI services are available starting from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Help Desk is available at: GK Hall, second floor, Tel. 021-78888430 ext. 106. Email:


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