Student Welfare

Diunggah oleh Humas FTUI/tk (2013-06-04)

Student welfare services, among others, consist of:

  1. Student Health Center consisting of two clinics located in Depok and Salemba. The clinic provides dental care including general and drug services, and specialty clinics in the installation ortodondi drugs.
  2. Student Counseling located at 2nd of Floor Student Health Center Building, providing counseling by psychologists and psychiatrists to address students' personal problems.
  3. UI Students Dormitory in Depok with a capacity of 480 rooms for male students and 615 rooms for female students.
  4. Yellow buses to serve the transportation needs of students in the UI Depok campus from seven in the morning until nine at night.
  5. Yellow bikes that can be borrowed by showing Student Identity Card (KTM).
  6. Accident insurance for all students during the trip to campus, on campus, on the way home or while participating in activities on behalf of Universitas Indonesia wherever the activities may take place.
  7. Sports activity center
  8. Student Activity Center Building in Depok and Salemba
  9. Gazebo for Internet access
  10. Canteen / cafeteria in every faculty and the Rector's building
  11. Various Banks and ATMs in Depok campus and campus Salemba.



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