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The activities carried out in PPST-UI includes research activities, organization of scientific events and public service in the field of Research Services, Planning, Evaluation, Design, Feasibility Studies, Development and Consultancy. In carrying out these activities, PPST-UI is fully supported by professional experts from other faculties in the Universitas Indonesia and other professional experts within units existing at the Universitas Indonesia and outside of UI. Existing faculties and staff are experts who contribute and applied their expertise in a professional manner and became the resources to support the smooth operation of education and research at the Universitas Indonesia to produce scholarly works in order to create the UI as the 'University of Research'.


  1. Develop science and technology;
  2. Improve the quality and quantity of researchers;
  3. Supporting the activities of nation building;
  4. Increase cooperation with external parties (industry, government agencies / private domestic and foreign).

Field of study

  1. Information and Communication Technology,
  2. Marine Technology,
  3. Regional Development,
  4. Waste Management, Sanitation & Environment Technology, 
  5. Basic Sciences,
  6. Mapping and Development of Natural Resources,
  7. Engineering Technology,
  8. Material and Energy,
  9. Industrial Development.

Field of Activity

In order to implement the vision, mission and objectives of Science and Technology Research Center, UniversitasIndonesia as a business unit within the Universitas Indonesia, in reality, its function is split into three areas of activity, namely the field of research / studies, field Scientific Forum (Training, Seminars, Workshops, and activities other scientific) and community service.


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