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Design Build Environment Research Center (P3LB) Department of Architecture, Universitas Indonesia is an institution at the Department level which conduct research activities in the field of architecture and design in particular, and the environment in general. These activities is based on the potential of the Department of Architecture and opportunities that can be utilized to develop science and technology needed to support the process of education and teaching in the Department of Architecture. P3LB also serve as an answer to the vision and mission of the Universitas Indonesia to develop a venture unit within the University.

In the previous decade, venture activities have already been part of the Community Services (P2M) Department of Architecture UI which is also one of the Three Main Principles of Higher Education (Tri Dharma Universitas). Potential of the Department of Architecture faculties in the field of Community Development have been proven invaluable in contributing knowledge or material. Empirical experience in the world of architecture and environment of the faculties, either individually or in groups (teams), became very valuable feedback for the development of education and teaching in the Department of Architecture.

Today, P3LB has developed into a Business Unit in the Department of Architecture that is in-line with the vision and mission of the Universitas Indonesia to participate in improving the welfare of teachers and staff and employees through potentials and ability posesses by its civitas academica. In this case P3LB has been a professional tool to manage both administrative and technical implementation in the field. Therefore, P3LB also plays an important role in accommodating the synergies of potential from the Department of Architecture as well as integrate existing strengths. In solving larger or complex problems, the Department of Architecture may cooperate with other disciplines from both within the Faculty and the University.

Function and Purpose
In accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Universitas Indonesia (UI Strategic Plan 2007-2012), P3LB serves as an activity unit which provides, accommodate and coordinate all the potential resources of the department for the purposes of increasing the revenue of the Department of Architecture through research, public service and commercial venture / support.

In accordance to its background, functions and objectives, then the specificity of field work of P3LB is architectural design in particular and build environment in general.

To achieve these ends, the mission of the Department of Architecture P3LB is:

  1. Optimize the teaching staff and employees abilities to apply science and knowledge for the purposes of generating revenue, either individually or in groups through research, education, and service to the community. 
  2. Optimizing and developing the Department's laboratory units so that they can serve not only as a support for education and research, but also become a laboratory that has a selling point for the industry, the public and other stakeholders.
  3. Increase cooperation with parties / other agencies both within and outside of the Universitas Indonesia.
  4. Provide services to the community in the form of courses, training, or other activities that can be beneficial to both parties.

Areas of Studies of P3LB

Based on its background, objective and professional and educational experience of the whole teaching staff, P3LB Department of Architecture Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia has the ability to put together a program of service in the field of assessment, planning, design and training in order to create results or products related to the service sector. The program is divided into several areas of studies include:

  1. Study of Settlement and Housing Area Development
  2. Study and Planning of Urban and Regional Space 
  3. Study and Planning of Building and Environmental Plan
  4. Study of Area Development and Heritage Buildings
  5. Study of Multimedia Presentation Strategies, Visual Communications and Mock Up
  6. Laboratory for Material Building Testing *)
  7. Laboratory for Façade Technology *)
  8. Facade Technology Training
  9. Contest Services Provider

*). In development


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