Undergraduate Parallel Program

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To increase the capacity utilization of education, Universitas Indonesia opened the Undergraduate Parallel Program. This Undergraduate Program is no different to the Undergraduate Reguler Program in term of the use of facilities and curriculum. However, this program is still limited to specific study programs. 

Undergraduate Parallel Program classes in FTUI are held from morning until well into the evening, this differ from the Undergraduate Reguler Program classes which are held from morning to the afternoon time. 

The Undergraduate Parallel Program future students are invited to join this program regardless of the registered year of their High School Diploma. Compared to the Undergraduate Reguler Program which only accepts applicants with a maximum three years old high school/equivalent diploma. Therefore, any high school graduates / equivalent are welcome to join the program if he/she wishes to pursue further higher education of Undergraduate Program. 

In terms of tuition fees, students are required to pay the full fee of the Undergraduate Parallel Programme in accordance with the fees listed, and do not have the right to propose for any scholarships or participate in the (BOP-B).

Requirements for completion of study and accreditations awarded applied are the same as the Undergraduate Reguler Program. 

Entrance Pathways

Admissions for the Undergraduate Parallel Program are as follow: 

  1. Invitation through the PPKB for Undergraduate Parallel Program where the selection is based on academic achievement for future students. Participants may only choose one program of study offered in the of Undergraduate Paralel Program.
  2. Written Test through the SIMAK UI.

Study Programs Available:

Unlike the Undergraduate Reguler Program which allows future students to choose from twelve different Study Programs, the Undergraduate Parallel Program only offers seven study programs: 

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Metallurgy & Materials Engineering
  5. Architecture
  6. Chemical Engineering
  7. Industrial Engineering


Download The Academic Guidebook FT UI

Download The Undergraduate Parallel Program List of Fees

Download Brochure for the Undergraduate Parallel Program

Download The FTUI 2012 CD Interactive Guide Academic

For Interactive CD after downloading the file, please extract the file. To run the program please click on the autorun.exe file


For more information please contact Public Relations Faculty of Engineering UI:
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Fax: +62-21-78888076
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