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The International undergraduate program in the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia (FTUI) is a furtherance of high quality education to produce engineering graduates with abilities to compete internationally by providing students with the opportunity to experience an international education at a relatively lower cost. Students will also benefit from the international exposure they will receive not only in diversity of culture and language but also in establishing international networking. Currently FTUI held two program of international undergraduate, the double degree and the single degree program for six study programs.

The program started in 2001 when FTUI formulated and agreed to conduct a double-degree international undergraduate program with Queensland University of Technology and Monash University in Australia. In 2010, FTUI added two more prominent universities in Australia as our partner, Curtin University and The University of Queensland. The University of Sydney will join our rank of esteemed partners in 2012. In this double-degree program, students are required to complete two years at Universitas Indonesia and another two years at our partner university. At the completion of their studies in Australia, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Applies Science from our partner universities and a Sarjana Teknik degree when they return to FTUI and fulfill certain requirements.

Single Degree Program

The undergraduate international single degree program was launched in 2011 as a result of an increasing demand to provide an international quality education locally. Students in this program are not obligated to continue their last four semester of study at one of our partner universities like their classmates who wishes to pursue a double degree. However, students of single degree program are required to do Study Abroad for a period between one to four semesters at an overseas university. The aims are to widen the international perspective of the students, to have experience to study in an overseas university, to enhance language capability, to enhance cross-cultural adaptability. Study Abroad can be conducted during regular semesters or Summer Program.

Study Programs:
Sarjana Teknik Sipil / Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Civil engineering centers on planning, design, construction and maintenance of the World's infrastructure. Student can major in environmental engineering in the final year. Civil engineers are employed by governments and private companies to engage in planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining structures and facilities including large buildings, roads, bridges, railways, dams, water supply and sewerage systems. Students may choose to continue their study to Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Sarjana Teknik Mesin / Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Mechanical Engineering focuses on mechanics, design, materials, manufacturing, thermofluids, tribology and engineering management. Many graduates find employment as designers, consultants or project managers in industries associated with the use of natural resources, including defense, power generation, sugar refining, oil refineries, mining and manufacturing plants. Students may choose to continue their study to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) or The University of Queensland.

Sarjana Teknik Elektro / Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
This option provides a broad technical education and develops students' fundamental skills in electrical, electronics and computer engineering. Electrical and computer engineers design, install and maintain electrical, electronic, telecommunications and computing systems on behalf of government electricity boards, and large manufacturing and engineering companies. Students may choose to continue their study to Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Curtin University, The University of Queensland, or The University of Sydney.

Sarjana Teknik Metalurgi dan Material / Bachelor of Engineering (Materials)
A broad technical education and develops student fundamental skills in metallurgy and material engineering, for examples: light alloys for transport applications, foodstuff packaging, functional electronic components and the more exotic ones such as titanium and advanced ceramic used in space exploration, artificial kidney, body implants, superconductor and engineered structural composites. Students may choose to continue their study to Monash University or Curtin University.

Sarjana Teknik Kimia and Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)
A high-quality basic education in chemical engineering fundamentals to develop the skill required to apply these fundamentals to chemical engineering, processes and system whilst fostering student's personal development. Students may choose to continue their study to Monash University, The University of Queensland or Curtin University

Sarjana Arsitektur and Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Applied Science
Provides graduates with strong basic knowledge of architecture and its application, with ability of applying responsive and environmentally friendly architecture design method. They are employed in construction industries as architects, interior designers, or supervisors in building construction project. Students may choose to continue their study to Queensland University of Technology or Curtin University.


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