Doctoral Program

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FTUI holds Doctoral Program for the six following study programs:
1. Civil Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Metallurgy & Material Engineering
5. Chemical Engineering
6. Architecture

FTUI Doctoral program was officially opened in 2000 with the opening of the Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering Doctoral program followed by the emersion of the Opto-electrotechnique and Laser Application study program into the Postgraduate Program of FTUI. The Mechanical Engineering study program was officially opened in 2006 while the Metallurgy & Material Engineering and Chemical Engineering followed in 2007. In 2009, Department of Architecture opened the Architecture Doctoral Program. In 2001, the Optoelectrotechnique and Laser Application was closed and was emerged into the Electrical Engineering study program. Each Doctoral study program is headed by the Head of Study Program which is held ex-officio by the Head of Department in the Faculty of Engineering UI. The Doctoral study programs have one or more focus subjects to give a more specific knowledge on engineering field to all students of the program.

New Students Selection
Selection process for new students for the FTUI Doctoral Program is as follow: 

  1. Future student is encouraged to informally contact their prospective Promotor or the Head of Department to further discuss his/her desired dissertation topic. This is important to make sure the availability of Promotor in accordance to said research topic. Communication may be done through email or face to face. The Head of Department and future Promotor then would discuss the student's proposal internally. 
  2. Future student should register online via and complete the required documents and prerequisites.
  3. Future student will then take the entrance examination (SIMAK UI) which consists of: (i) Academic Potential Examination, and (ii) English Proficiency Test.
  4. The result of the Entrance Examination will then be sent to FTUI by the UI Entrance Examination Committee. These results will then be discussed in a Department Committee Meeting headed by the Head of Department to determine which students accepted, which proposed research topic is approved, and the availability of future Promotor. If needed, an interview may be arrange with the future student to determine the suitability of research topic, suitability with previous study field, and the student's commitment to participate in the Doctoral program full time. Interview may be done directly or through email or messanger application.
  5. The outcome of the Department Committee Meeting will then be submitted to the UI Entrance Examination Committee to be announced.

Graduate Profiles:
FTUI Doctoral Program Graduates haves the capabilities of demonstrating expansion, novelty breakthrough in research in the engineering or architecture field in accordance to certain stream or sub-stream.

Graduates are expected to posess the following skill:

  • Be able to show expertise in the engineering or architecture discipline;
  • Be able to uphold the academic and research ethics;
  • Be able to work collaboratively in research;
  • Be able to position themselves as leader in their community;
  • Be able to communicate well in their community and build networks;
  • Be able to demonstrate individual live skill in connection to human relationship;
  • Be able to demonstrate attitude, behavior and way of thinking which support their success in society.

List of Graduates Competence:

  1. Have highly academic integrity;
  2. Implement the code of ethics in his related field of study;
  3. Have an open mind and perceptive towards the development of science, technology, art, and culture; 
  4. Have a broad knowledge, basic sciences skill, and technical ability needed to adapt and to further develop science;
  5. Master the theoretical, conceptual and paradigm approaches best suited to their related field of study;
  6. Able to use their expertise and skill within their related field of study to:
    • Find answers and/or solution to complex problems, included those which need an inter-disciplinary approach;
    • Discovering new findings (state of the art developments) of a particular research arena.
  7. Able to communicate their thoughts, ideas and work to experts of related field of study and to broader community;
  8. Able to participate and play a role in the development of science, technology, art, and culture at national and international level.



The National Board of Accreditation for Higher Education (BAN-PT) has awarded the following accreditation level for all study program in the Faculty of Engineering: for Bachelor Programs: Civil Engineering (B), Mechanical Engineering (in process), Electrical Engineering (B), Metallurgy & Material Engineering (A), Chemical Engineering (A).

In 2008, the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering has been accredited by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and in 2010 following the Department of Electrical Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Architecture and Engineering Chemistry obtain the AUN International accreditation. Until 2012, the Faculty of Engineering UI is the only faculty at the University of Indonesia, which has obtained accreditation from AUN.

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