[in]arch International Conference 2014

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[in]arch International Conference 2014
10-11 September 2014
Universitas Indonesia

Interiority and Interior Architecture

Due date for submission of abstracts: 10 March 2014
for submission requirements kindly visit: inarch.eng.ui.ac.id

Exploration on interiority offers opportunities to gain insights on the body engagement in space, and how it may be approached through professional practice and pedagogy in the field of interior architecture.

[in]arch will provide opportunity for not only reinterpreting and developing knowledge, methods and creativity in interiority, but also becoming an attempt to understand the potential agencies and collaboration in interior architecture design. To ensure collaborative atmosphere in such discourse, this conference invites international scholars and practitioners to discuss interiority and interior architecture through interdependent perspectives of practice and pedagogy.

Invited Speakers:
Markus Berger (Rhode Island School of Design, USA)
Margaret Portillo (University of Florida, USA)

The conference will become an opportunity to develop an international network of interior architecture, with the ultimate goal to launch some forms of publication (such as journal). During the conference, there will a network meeting with some participants who might be interested to discuss further such possibility.

For more information
poster can be downloaded here 



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