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The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) encourages Indonesian graduate students to join essay. Student Writing Competition, as part of the 38th IPA Convention & Exhibition, which will be held May 21 - 23, 2014 in Jakarta. The Writing Competition is part of the 38th IPA Convention and Exhibition, organized by the Indonesian Petroleum Association with Jakarta Globe as Media Partner.

Competition is open to students only. Employees of the Association and the 38th IPA Convention and Exhibition, Convention Committee, as well as those of Jakarta Globe, are not allowed to participate. This condition also applies to relatives of employees of three aforementioned parties.

Indonesia has drawn energy diversification plan in which oil & gas would play lesser part in the national energy mix, substituted by the new and renewable energy such as geothermal, coal, and microhydro etc by 2025. However, the road to new and renewable energy still faces many challenges. This essay aims to get opinion from graduate students on the challenges of new & renewable energy utilization in Indonesia and thus, what is the future role of oil & gas in national energy portfolio.



This is a two round contest with the following themes "Oil & Gas in the Future Indonesia's Energy Portfolio"

How to Enter

Each entry consist an essay. Submit entries by e-mail to: including the data of participants:

1. Writing Theme :

2. Title of Essay :

3. Name of participant :

4. Affiliation and Address :

5. Phone / HP Number :

6. Email Address :

Each essay submitted must not have been included in other competitions and has not been published for commercial purposes.

Entries in each category will judged separately, in accordance with the Judging Criteria, as defined below. All entries must be submitted and received at the latest by May 11th 2014.

Prizes & Awards

A total of Rp 29.000.000,- in prizes is available to the winners

1st winner Rp 10.000.000,- (cash money, trophy, certificate , free workshop)

2nd winner Rp 8.000.000,- (cash money, trophy, certificate , free workshop)

3rd winner Rp 6.000.000,- (cash money, trophy, certificate , free workshop)

1st Runner Up Rp 3.000.000,- ( cash money, certificate , free workshop)

2nd Runner Up Rp 2.000.000,- ( cash money, certificate , free workshop)

Note : For participants living outside the Jakarta area, transportation and accomodation will be borne by the IPA committee. Each participant will be entitled to two days one night, accomodation and one roundtrip ticket to Jakarta.

Registration and Requirements

* Open to Indonesian citizens who are enrolled in university, open to students aged 18 to 25 years old

* Each entrant may submit an essay of 700 words maximum.

* Submissions are non-returnable.

* Participants will not receive a notification letter or e-mail of registration.

* All essays submitted to the contest via the Internet, personal information, will be managed by Jakarta Globe under the terms outlined by the contest organizer.

* Previously published essays will be disqualified from consideration.

* The committee reserves the right to disqualify entries that violate the law or show Indonesia and its people in an unflattering light..

* All participants, are responsible for ensuring that their submissions are in compliance with the legal requirements..

For further information please contact :

M: 087 887 123 871


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